Over 10 Million Pieces of Furniture Shipped Globally

The story of Rainbow Hong Qiao Office Furniture started since 1998 in a small workshop. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers in China for metal seating at the commercial and work places. We have shipped over 10,000,000 pieces chairs to 136 countries all over the world. We always have one objective in mind in everything that we do: To make our customers seat on our chairs with trust. The commitment of our 1000 employees is the basis of excellence quality. From the large star base to the tiny screws, we do not let go any chances to improve their performance. We are thus proud to be able to say: “We don’t just supply chairs – we deliver superior seating solution that you could trust.”

“RAINBOW HONG QIAO” is a US registered trademark with serial number of ‘87300193’.

Rainbow Hong Qiao Office Furniture - China

Rainbow Hong Qiao Office Furniture Manufacturer in China

Complied with International Standard

Our product has been tested and meets or exceeds the following standards when applicable:

ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 (Durability & Safety – Office Seating)
ANSI/BIFMA X5.4 (Durability & Safety – Beam Seating)
ASTM D3597 (Fabric durability)
CAL 117 (Fire retardancy of foam and fabric)
CAL 133 (Full scale burn test)

Rainbow Hong Qiao Office Furniture - BIFMA standard

Top-quality Furniture from China

At Rainbow, our success rests upon the unrelenting quality of our products. Our on-site testing facility allows us to receive instant feedback and make improvements quickly.

A chair is not one piece, it’s a system which includes arms, casters, base, back, mechanism, etc. It is important to test each one of these parts to ensure this system meets not only seating industry standard but also ensuring the end customer is fully satisfied with it. Quality control is crucial to manufacturer. We want to make sure that the product is 100% quality oriented when it reaches the end customer.

If any end user experiences an issue, it’s not Rainbow that takes the hit in credibility. It’s the wholesaler, the dealer, the supply chain, the brand owner, whoever the last person who offered that product, their reputation is ruined. We want to make sure that never happens.

Customization & Sustainability

The only way to offer customization and differentiate yourself from others is to offer the individual exactly what they want. People want choice. They have the ability to pick what they want and they want it quickly. That’s what we provide.

By designing and manufacturing its own major components, we achieve cohesive design vision as well as engineering integrity. Using systematic manufacturing process, with highly trained workforce, product can be customized to match client’s needs exactly. Manufacturing occurs in 3,000,000 square feet production base. Capacity exceeds 100,000 chairs per month.

Continuity is another important constituent of the Rainbow philosophy. We are committed to insure long term availability of our products and full support throughout the product life. Complete inventories are maintained of all wearable parts, so that the chair can be easily serviced for years to come. When a product line matures and refines, careful attention is paid to ensure components from today’s production easily install on chairs from years ago.  Our standard product warranty is 10 years and can be extended without limit.